Membership options

During this quarantine we had to close our doors.
We know that many of you are experiencing financial hardship.
We would like to offer all of our members three options during these difficult times.

The first option is to leave your membership payments
the way they are and enjoy the following benefits.

1.Saturday classes (upon continuation) for every week that our facility is in forced closure.
2.For parents and adult students,
access to online fitness and nutritional services (a $400 a month value).

The second option is to put your membership(s) on a $10 weekly hold.
We will charge $10 a week for every family member on your membership.
We will hold your spot(s) in the class upon continuation of classes.

The third option is if there is an amount that you are comfortable giving that is more than
a weekly hold fee but less than the full weekly payments.

The above options will help to ensure that there is a school and qualified staff to return to.

The fourth option is to cancel your membership with us.
A cancellation fee is applicable per the agreement made upon enrollment (4 weeks tuition).
There will be a $25 re-enrollment fee when classes continue.

We hope you understand the circumstances we are going through and are willing to invest in the
continued growth and strengthening of our community and family you all have helped to create.
Thanks for your patience. Stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Thank you,
Jordan, Dayne, and Austin.

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